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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Ads in 2021

Are you a business owner and worried to get customers for your products or services?

Well, most of the business owners do.

So, if you want to get customers 24*7, you should leverage the power of Facebook Advertising.

Now, you might be thinking why shouldn’t I go for the organic growth of Facebook.

Okay! So, let me tell you Facebook organic growth is going down with each passing day. Currently, it’s 1-2%. So, suppose you have 100 followers on Facebook, you can reach 1 or 2 of them sometimes it can go to 3, 4, or 5.

But, if you want to reach most of the Facebook users and your potential customer then you need to choose Facebook Advertisement.

You might have a question- “Why to Use Facebook Ads?”.

Well, you’ll want to choose Facebook Ads because Facebook wants you to pay them to reach their users or say your potential customers. If you don’t pay, you can’t reach most of your potential customers on Facebook.

Also, there are a number of reasons why you should choose Facebook Ads. I’m going to describe them below.

Why to Use Facebook Ads

Reason #1: 80% Internet Users use Facebook

Your potential customers are right there on Facebook. So, if you run a Paid Ad campaign on Facebook chances are high you’ll directly reach your potential customers.

You may get enough customers on this platform so that you might not feel the need to advertise on other platforms. So, run your first Ad Campaign on Facebook without any second thought.

Reason #2: 84% FB Users Access Facebook from Mobile

In this mobile era, the majority of users are on mobile. So, you can reach your potential customers in an easy manner as they are already on mobile.

Reason #3: Reach Exact Audience

You can define what can be the age of your customer, what are their interests, what is their behavior, and in which location they live. So, based on these parameters you can narrow down your customer behavior so that you can reach your defined potential customer.

Defining your audience will help you saving your advertising cost and the extra effort that you would put to find your customer without their behavior.

Reason #4: Facebook Advertising is Fast

Facebook advertising is fast so you can reach them anytime you want. As you start running your ad and the ad gets activated your potential customer will see your ad and they start engaging with the ad.

So, if you put a clear CTA (Call to Action) they will follow that and you can convert them into your customers or say, loyal customers.

Reason #5: Facebook Ads Drive Sales

As soon as you start running ads on Facebook to drive more traffic to your shop, they’ll start visiting your store. They were not aware of your store earlier. So, as you get in-store traffic, the sales process will start happening. This will further increase your revenue.

Reason #6: Facebook Advertising is Real-Time

Facebook Advertising is real-time. It means if you’re running an ad campaign on Facebook, you can see the stats once the ad is active and users are engaging with it.

Based on the stats you get, you can make certain modifications to your ads according to your objective. But, you should wait for some data to come in the stats to make a decision about modifying an ad.

Reason #7: Your Competitors are Running Facebook Ads

If you’re not running Facebook Ads, you’re letting your competitors reach your potential customers. Those potential customers can even become their customers if they nurture them in a good way.

So, if you’re not running Facebook ads you’re losing your potential customers and your Market share as well. The longer you will not run FB Ads the more Market share you’ll lose.

As you’ll lose your potential customer and your Market share, your business will slowly go out of the market. The competition is more so if you don’t reach your potential customers with the help of Facebook Ads, you’ll lose your business. Your business will not be there anymore.


Facebook Advertising can make your business or break your business.

No, you’re getting it wrong.

You can make your business with Facebook Advertising if you reach potential customers on time.

On the other hand, if you don’t advertise on Facebook it can break your business.

Your competitors will leave no stone unturned to reach your potential customer and convert them into their customers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start advertising today on Facebook to reach your potential customer and drive more in-store traffic for more sales. You can also open a shop on Facebook and let them buy your products or services directly from there.

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