What Are Good Backlinks And Which Are The Best For SEO?

Do you want to rank your blog at the top of Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)?

You’d certainly say yes!

Not only you, but every blogger and business owner will want their blog (website) to get ranked on the 1st page of Google.

Though there are several factors that can affect the ranking, backlinks are the top 3 Search Engine Ranking Factors.

Acquiring the backlinks is a pretty effective part of an effective SEO plan. The links tell the search engine that the site is trusted and worthy of the top spot on SERP.

Google algorithm is changing is almost every year. Still different types of backlinks enhance the search engine ranking of a website.

Creating backlinks is an ongoing process to rank a website. But to increase the ranking of your website you need to get backlinks from authoritative and trustworthy sites. Simply getting the backlinks from untrustworthy sites can harm your website search engine ranking.

However, it’s not only like you should increase the count of backlinks, but you should focus on getting a relevant backlink.

So, if you would like to reserve one of the spots on the 1st page of Google’s SERP, you must have a link building plan. And if you want to make Digital marketing work for your business, you should make SEO work. Because SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing.

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In this article, you’ll get to know what is a backlink, how to create backlinks, and Types of backlinks.

What is a Backlink in SEO?

A backlink is simply a link from one website linking to another website.

If you’re linking to someone website then they get a backlink from you. And when they link to your website then you get a link from them.

Here are two types of links you can create on your site:

  1. Internal Backlink: This can link one post or page to another on the same domain. These links are simply a text hyperlink within the same domain. Internal backlinks help you to navigate your website from one page to another.
  2. External Backlink: This is a link that connects one domain to another. When you’re creating an external backlink, it should be from a reputed and trustworthy website. The search engine will notice these links and help you rank better in Google SERP.

Further in this blog, I am going to discuss what types of backlinks in SEO you can create.

Types of Backlinks

Generally, you can create two types of backlink: DoFollow and NoFollow. When a user visits your website or blog they can’t make a difference between do-follow and no-follow. This is actually for the search engine, but both of these links helps in ranking.

DoFollow Backlinks

In SEO, do follow backlinks holds more value and helps your website or blog rank on top.

When you create a do-follow link, you’re simply telling Google and other search engines that the link is important and take note of that (follow the link).

DoFollow links are easy to create as you don’t need to put any syntax in HTML.

NoFollow Backlinks

NoFollow backlinks are not as common as DoFollow. These links hold little less value and this is exactly why these don’t help rank your website to that extent.

Wherever there is a no-follow link on your page Webmaster says search engine not to follow that specific link.

The major difference you can see in the HTML markup of a no-follow link as the “rel=nofollow” tag.

The percentage of do-follow and no-follow links to rank a website will vary. Google wants to see a good mixture of these links to create a healthy link profile to rank your website.

Google gives a lot of value to do-follow backlink. However, if you get a no-follow backlink from a relevant site this will also get value from Google.

If you can’t make a difference between these links, you should install a backlink checker (a no-follow plugin) in your chrome browser to check the behaviour of the link. The no-follow links will be in a red dotted border once you install the plugin.

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Let’s get to know the types of backlinks and which backlinks are best.

How Many Types of Backlinks in SEO?

In this article, we’re going to see all backlinks we can create for a website. We’ll also see, what are the best types of backlinks, good backlinks, and bad backlinks.

Tier 1: Best Types of Backlinks

There are specific qualities that make a ‘good’ backlink.

To make it simple, any backlink coming directly from an authoritative source is a good backlink.

Building these kinds of link takes time but makes your site more authoritative. Google considers an authoritative site while increasing the rank of a website.

#1: Editorial Backlinks

This is one of the best types of backlinks in SEO. You get this backlink when a site refers and links to a piece of quality content on your website.

Here’s how you can get an editorial backlink:

  • Citing your website as a source for their content
  • Referring to your website as a source for good information
  • Mentioning your website as a source for infographic, video, or other visual content
  • Adding your website or linking roundup for interesting content or resources
  • Interviewing a person associated with your website and including a link

The best way you can earn an editorial backlink is to focus on writing high-quality, evergreen, and shareable content.

#2: Relationship-Based Backlinks

A relationship-based backlink is a slight variation of editorial backlinks.

This is possible when you have a good relationship with one of the journalists or a website content creator.

When they are writing and come to the topic on your area of expertise, this is a relationship-based link.


These links are pretty much valuable as you can get multiple links overtime after establishing a good relationship.

If you have a good relationship, you can turn the editorial link as a source to your website into a relationship.

However, you can find some bloggers or journalists that write on the same topic as you do. Finally, you can establish a good relationship.

#3: Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the valuable ways to create relevant backlinks.

Google officially doesn’t like links from guest blogs, but they tolerate them to some extent. When you’re getting a backlink through the guest blog, you should get it from a relevant site while posting high-quality content.


At the initial stage, it can take a lot of time, but it’d be worth it. You just need to search variation like “guest post + [topic related to your site]”.

#4: Business Profile Backlinks

When you create your business profile on different websites, you can add a link to your website in the profile.

These business profiles you can create on different social media websites, business listing websites, or industry-related directories.

Creating business profile backlinks is pretty simple; you just need to create an account on either of these websites that are authoritative and relevant.

When you create your profile, you just have to look where you can add the link to your website. These sites can be Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, etc.

#5: Webinar Links

As I mentioned in the beginning, creating a valuable resource on your website encourages other sites to link back.

Running a high-value webinar is a popular type of resource to earn a link, especially when the recording is of future use.


If you’d like to earn more links, you can post the recording to your blog. This will help you reach more people and have better organic SEO.

You can use it for future guest blog outreach, people also link to them as it attracts them.

#6: Free Tool Links

People love FREE things.

Offering a free tool is another way to attract people to link back to you. Offering your audience any FREE tool or a paid tool that is worth enough even if you scale it down.

You can do research to find an interested audience on Google or using SEO tools. You can ask them to write about any feature of your tool or reach them to pitch.


Now, you should be aware of What is Tier 2 Backlinks.

Tier 2: Good Types of Backlinks

Generally, you should avoid creating these kinds of backlinks. Tier 2 backlinks usually don’t add so much value to your organic rankings. If you’d like to know what are good backlinks, keep reading…

#7: Acknowledgment/Sponsorship Backlinks

Sponsorship is simply a great marketing strategy.

This helps you get exposure in your community. You can also ask them to link back to your website. The organizations that accept sponsorships will be acknowledging their sponsors with a page.

These kinds of link won’t have enough content but simple mentions like:

  • Indicating that a brand made a donation
  • Including a testimonial for the linking website’s brand
  • Showing someone responsible from your website is speaking or sponsoring an event

Creating a sponsorship link is pretty easy.


#8: Guest Post Bio Backlinks

In certain cases, guest blogging websites won’t include a link to their author’s site or within the main body of the content. Instead, they allow you to add a link in the author’s bio.

This has value but not as valuable as the link in the body of the post.


If you still want to create this link for your website, you can use the strategies mentioned in the guest blogging backlink.

#9: Badge Backlinks

A smart and underutilized way to earn backlinks for your website is by creating a branded ‘badge’.

Here you need to provide value to others site as a status symbol while coming up with an award or ranking to give out.

You can send the badge to put on their website that wins your award and reach the top tier. Other websites can use this opportunity to promote the quality of their website with the badge.


#10: Press Release Backlinks

Though press release lost the art these days, they can serve double duty for marketing efforts. These links will be useful for marketing and SEO as well.

This can help you gain a backlink from media outlets for a press release about your business.

The best press release can alert customers and news outlets of the following:

  • A single new product or line of products
  • Opening of a new store at a new location
  • Formation of a new partnership or sponsorship with another business
  • Rebranding your business with a new name

When your brand has news of these types, simply write a press release while using the service of PRWeb or Newswire. Later these websites can help to distribute your news to media outlets.


You can also reach out to local outlets to write about you and link back to you.

#11: Comment Backlinks

When you are reading some blogs related to your niche and if you can comment there including a link back to your website.

This will help you gain traffic when people click on your profile or the link you give. But you should avoid overusing this particular strategy.

When you’re leaving a link in the comment make sure the website is relevant and high-authority. Otherwise, if you’re dropping your link on every website, Google will consider those links as spam.


Your comments should add value to other users so that they can come to your website or profile as an authority. Those who come to your website and find your website useful will end up linking back to your website.

Tier 3: Bad Types of Backlinks

These are bad kinds of backlink that can’t help your website in ranking but penalize in search engine results pages. These links will negatively impact your SEO. To learn What is SEO in-depth and know How It Works, you can check the blog written by Prahalad Gaddam, on his own blog site.

I’m going to show you some of the tier backlink types

#12: Paid Links

It’s quite a bad idea to pay to publishers or bloggers to give link to your website. It breaks Google rule and that can lead to penalize your website.

Moreover, there are reasons why you should consider it to do in a right way.

  • Get links to your high-quality content
  • The website linking back to you should be relevant
  • You can take above two point in consideration while paying for guest posting

Certainly, you can avoid the penalization from Google when you make the link as natural as possible. You should follow other guidelines as well.

#13: Non-Newsworthy Press Releases

As I have discussed earlier, a newsworthy press release will help your website to earn link and gain brand attention.

However, it’s spammy if you frequently post press release that is no newsworthy.

If your sole intention is to get links then without being the press release newsworthy, it’s not advisable to create.

#14: General Business Directory Link

Creating links from general directories are the easiest.

All you need to submit your website detail through an automated process and you’re done!

General Directory websites accept link from any website irrespective of topic, industry, website quality, etc. This is exactly why it’s hazardous when you overdo it.

Google is not in favour of directories that accept link from any website with no relevance. You can still think of building some from high-authority directory websites.

#15: Forum Links

Joining several forums just for the sake of getting a link back to your site is bad.

You may get a recommendation to join the forum to link to your website in posts and replies. But you need to be careful with that as Google doesn’t favour these kinds of link much.


Alike other bad links, you can still think of creating Forum links, but only from relevant and high-quality forums. Make sure you are adding the links where it’ll be most valuable to the readers.

Final Words

Backlinks are important to make your website more authoritative in the eyes of Google and help them in ranking.

Though earning backlinks is an essential part of a good SEO strategy. However, you should remember that it’s not about the quantity of links but the quality of the links.

There are different types of backlinks with a different value. Though you can create a mixture of all those, acquiring top-tier backlinks is more beneficial to rank your website higher.

You should create a link building strategy that includes a diverse mix of link types that Google suggests.

Above, I have mentioned how to create backlinks (step by step) to rank your website higher. Follow them and do let me know in the comment section how useful it’s for you.

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